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Open all Summer! Summer hours 10am to 3pm 7 days a week
Open all Summer! Summer hours 10am to 3pm 7 days a week

Anna Carlson artist profile

“My art is like a diary made up of paintings rather than words. It is a reflection of my own daily spontaneous thoughts as well as strong feelings that come from my own, or my friends’ and family’s life events.” ~Anna Carlson

Anna Carlson artist picture
In my art, I express what I see, feel, and experience in my life. I often don’t set up the subject or idea before I start painting. I paint from inside out. As a ritual, I turn on music before I paint, and then I just let my feelings take over my hands and pour itself out onto the canvas. The paintings that result from this type of expression are the more spontaneous, free forms that can be seen in my paintings. And yet, there are other times where I can already see the whole picture before I even start. Those paintings can often be identified because I used straight lines and subjects, and the techniques used are much more controlled.
I like to try different techniques and am constantly learning something new in the process of creating my art. I choose the abstract art style because it gives me freedom and is less controlled. Variety and change excites me. I love adventure, meeting new people, and discovering new cultures. But I also need some organized, more controlled moments in my life. Those two elements–spontaneity and control/organization–are very important to me in creating complete harmony in my art forms.

My art is not about one specific subject. It is a window into my soul. I am often surprised and excited myself to see what is going to be revealed at the end of the creation. It is like a river that constantly flows and changes. It is very simple and pure from the outside, but deep beneath the surface, it is more than just art. It is life.

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