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Open all Summer! Summer hours 10am to 3pm 7 days a week
Open all Summer! Summer hours 10am to 3pm 7 days a week

Kathy Anderson artist profile

Kathy Anderson artist photoBelieving that the arts, in any form, make an incredible difference in a person’s life, I continue to work in many different mediums, trying different forms of expression and creativity. My passion, however, is my sculpture; its quiet strength reflects my obvious love and feeling for the three-dimensional form." - Kathy Anderson

People of all ages fascinate me and I believe it shows in my gentle figurative bronzes. I am inspired by their stories and strive to capture those narrative moments in the lives of my subjects that are simple but cherished — a child reading a book, a father’s first dance with his daughter, a rabbit having trouble with his ears or a young Osage woman watching the daybreak.

I specialize in bronzes that are representational in style.  My sculptures are most noted for their faces as I strive to capture the inner spirits of my subjects and transform them into clay and then bronze. As with many artists, my style has undergone an evolution over the years.  My earlier work was very realistic, academic, and classical; my subjects were very true to life, using strict proportions and anatomy while expressing emotion through movement and gestures.  For the past five years, I have focused on a series of Native American women and men whose bodies are very stylized and elongated while their faces still retain the representational style I enjoy sculpting.  This style suits me perfectly because I love the abstract form. Using reality only as a point of departure, I incorporate abstract lines in these sculptures and omit non-essential detail in an effort to express the simple but elegant essence of my subjects. When that essence is passed on to my viewers, I know I have accomplished something special.

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