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Join us for the 2024 Tubac Festival! February 7th through 11th 2024
Join us for the 2024 Tubac Festival! February 7th through 11th 2024

Mary Oelschlaeger artist profile

Mary Oelschlaeger artist photoWatercolor painting began with a local artist, Jo Williams, teaching a class out of her garage in Denton, Texas.  I was a University Professor teaching in Communication Disorders and had a young child.  I was looking for something that was easy to start/stop as demands required.  Little did I know that watercolor was regarded as a “difficult” medium because from the start, I was hooked.  Although I am always intimidated by a blank sheet of paper, I thrive on watching what can happen with a brush, a bit of water and a piece of paper and a tube of paint.

Over the years, I learned about the medium from many classes and workshops.  I enrolled in Roberta Rogers (Tubac artist) Community College courses.  Watercolor 101, 102, 103 which I took several times over.  Then, after a move from Texas to New Mexico, I had the extraordinary good fortune of learning from J. K. Drummond whose influence continues in my work.

My good fortune has continued in many ways.  For several years, I was represented in Weems Gallery in Albuquerque, NM.  Since moving to Montana, I have been in the 4Ravens Gallery and the Radius Gallery in Missoula, Montana.  I have also won awards in the New Mexico Society Juried Shows (Albuquerque) and the Santa Rita Watercolor Society Juried Shows (Green Valley.)  Now, as a seasonal resident of Green Valley my good fortune is capped by the presentation of my work here in the Turquoise Tortoise Gallery in Tubac.

Are you interested in purchasing Mary Oelschlaeger’s work? Please check out Mary's art page or contact Turquoise Tortoise Gallery for more information.