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Open all Summer! Summer hours 10am to 3pm 7 days a week
Open all Summer! Summer hours 10am to 3pm 7 days a week

SunCatchers artist profile

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Art “made in Germany”

The SunCatcher is an outdoor decoration that gives you pleasure and positive energy. The stylized plant made of modern material is the SunCatcher original designed by the artist René Hildebrand: A fluorescent “flower” swaying gently in the wind on its long rod - like a sunflower that never wilts. The SunCatcher is a new interpretation of nature’s beauty: Enjoy the joie de vivre of summer in your garden or on your balcony in every season.

The SunCatcher disc made of Plexiglas which is mounted on a flexible swinging rod. Daylight hits the disc, is focused and emanates at the edges – without electricity or other sources of energy. Especially at dusk a mystical play takes place: Just when all other plants are laying their heads to rest for the night, this SunCatcher shows itself / blossoms in all its splendor. Have the summer stay in your garden – even in winter: For even small amounts of sunlight are enough for the suncatcher to absorb it and make the sun visible, even when it is not out. 

The SunCatcher withstands temperatures of – 50 to 120 degrees centigrade and is therefore highly resistant to sunlight as well as to cold temperatures without fading. The swinging rod is flexible and at the same time very solid: Even strong winds cannot harm it. So, no matter whether you live in an area with hot summers, stormy autumns or freezing winters the SunCatcher will bring you warm light at every time of the day. Please follow the care instructions to ensure that you can enjoy your SunCatchers for many years to come: If it got dirty, simply wipe down the Plexiglass disc with a soft cloth and water with a little washing-up liquid to protect the surface and install the product according to the assembly instructions. 

Are you interested in purchasing SunCatcher’s work? Please check out SunCatcher's art page or contact Turquoise Tortoise Gallery for more information.